To become happier and to be able to make others happier, we need to be in touch with our inner self, our heart, our spirit, that part of the divine within us, whatever we want to call it.

The roads to happiness are hard to travel in our times: nature, religion, meditation, love or art are mostly in the margins of our existence. Many of us are searching.

For me, the music of Bach and his contemporaries has been an inspiration to try, day after day, to make progress on the road to love and compassion.

With ‘Passion Beyond Bach’ I want to create a platform for inspiration
and for helping to inspire others ‘Beyond Bach’.

It is my passion to build bridges ‘Beyond Bach’ with every human being, musician, artist, or author, between musicians and event organizers or project leaders, the general public, philanthropic goals,..

‘Passion Beyond Bach’ wants to contribute to a more humane world, with love and compassion for everyone, by inspiring and assembling ‘Beyond Bach’ people who want to collaborate and contribute with their talents.